Yahoo premieres new Neighbors trailer!

Seth Rogen has played a variety of characters in the past: a masked superhero in “The Green Hornet,” a friendly alien in “Paul,” and even himself in “This Is the End.” But he’s about to take on a role that’s the biggest stretch of his career — playing a responsible adult.

Rogen is the producer and star of “Neighbors,” and in somewhat of a change for him, he plays an actual grown up with a job, house, wife (Rose Byrne), and a new baby. But as he and his wife are still adjusting to not being able to have all the fun they used to, a college fraternity takes over the house next door. Then Rogen and Byrne are pitted against the frat’s young, charismatic leader (Zac Efron) over who is really in charge of their neighborhood.
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New Promo for NBC’s Crisis!


Screencaps of Halston in Grown Ups 2!


hey guys! I’ve added 55 HD screencaps of Halston in Grown Ups 2 as Nancy Arbuckle! Check them out in our gallery!

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New Still Photo from “Neighbors”!



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New Neighbors Trailer!


New Layout!

Hi! I’ve added up a new layout to our main site featuring Halston’s Abercromie & Fitch Stars on the Rise Photoshoot featuring Fox! I hope you like it!

Halston attends the NCB Pre-Emmy Party!


September 21st 2013 – NBC Pre-Emmy Party

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Neighbors TV Spot!


First Trailer for “Neighbors”!

The movie is set to hit theatres May 2014!

Poker Night Trailer!


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