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Birth Name: Halston Jean Schrage
Birth Date: May 10th, 1993
Nicknames: Halston Sage
Parents: Lenny and Tema Schrage
Siblings: Max and Kate
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California.

-Halston rode horses competitively for eight years.
-She was the editor of her high school’s newspaper.
-She loves to write.
-She loves oatmeal raisin cookies.
-Her favourite weekend activity is riding bikes to breakfast.
-She loves to listen to the oldies radio station in her car.
-She loves 80’s movies.
-New York City is her favourite city in the world.
-She loves unique and fun nail polish colours!
-She loves dogs.
-One of her favourite gifts to receive is a good book.
-John Mayer and Jack Johnson are her all-time favorite artists.
-She’s one the “Most Smiley” award.
-In eight grade, she was class president.
-She will watch Friends when ever it is on TV.
-She loves anything chocolate.
-Her favourite candy combination is Hot Tamales mixed with Swedish Fish.
-Her favourite on-set snack is banana with peanut butter.
-When she was little, she wanted to be a dentist.
-Every week during the summer, her and her family have dinner on the beach every Sunday.
-She got her first major job on Friday the 13th.
-She was featured in Taylor Swift’s “Women of Tomorrow” article for Glamour UK’s #TAYLORPOWERISSUE.
-Her Paper Towns co-star, Cara Delevingne, introduced her to Taylor Swift via FaceTime while on set of the movie.